Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcome to Happy Kat Reads!

Once upon a time, there was a young maiden, short in stature but large in energy. She lived in California, where it wasn't always always sunny but it almost never snowed. She was a joyful young girl, full of heart and laughter and puns. She almost always used, too many, commas. One day, she was skipping through a meadow when she slipped on a slimy frog. It croaked at her loudly: "you have hurt me, dear maiden!"

"I am so sorry, dearest frog," she said with a soft but earnest tone. She gingerly picked up the frog, wanting to cringe as it slipped through her fingers but holding back her wince for fear of offending the creature more. "Whatever can I do to make it up to you?"

Being a well-read young maiden, she expected him to answer something reasonable. Kiss me, she thought, and I shall turn into a prince. Or maybe something a little more adventurous. Go through the woods and up the beanstalk, and pick out a golden egg from the giant. Or even something a little more comical. Bring me a shrubbery. Something reasonable.

But what he did say, she never expected to hear from his (green, shiny, froggy) lips: "Start a book blog."


Well hello there, and welcome to Happy Kat Reads, the newest frog-sanctioned book blog on the internet! If you find my story ridiculous, well, my apologies. I promise, the frog stays here. If you find my story delightful, well, you're officially cool in my book! 

I'm Kat, the author of this here book blog, and I'm looking forward to talking books with you! I'm an avid reader: in the last two days, I started and completed two separate books. It's a feat I'm quite proud of, but it probably won't happen again anytime soon. I love Young Adult fiction, and deem it the genre my genre of choice these days. I love me a good dystopian, but I also love contemporary novels, even some paranormal every now and then. But I also enjoy memoirs, narrative non-fiction (I'm just breaking into the genre, but I like what I've read so far), some sci-fi, some classics, some standard contemporary fiction... I'm not super-picky about genre. I'm also not super-fanatical about beautiful writing. I can appreciate a well-written sentence, but I prefer stories with well-written narrators.

My recipe for book-success? Interesting characters, doing interesting things, told in an intelligent way.

When I'm not reading, I'm also an actor/musician/theater teacher in Northern California. I just graduated from the University of Southern California, with a BA in Theatre, in May of this year. If you're interested in my foibles in other mediums, I've got a couple of other sites you can check out:

Acting/Post-Collegiate Life Blog:

And of course, I'm on Twitter and Goodreads! Come say hi!

Pretty soon I'll be updating the blog with reviews, In My Mailboxes, maybe some interviews or giveaways??, who knows! But it should be a good time. In the meantime, enjoy Happy Kat Reads!

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